Sunday, March 27, 2005

And if you wanted to make your own version of what I'm listening to right now...

Lots of Planets Have A North!

1. Disco Fudge - From the Spaced soundtrack.
2. Cannonball - Breeders. I'd forgotten I still had this single in the bottom of a drawer. Probably one of the oldest CDs I still have.
3. We Used to be Friends - Dandy Warhols. Pretty much the only decent tune on an album that's so much evil. There's a reason why Duran Duran stopped recording you know.
4. Horns - Flying Machine. Waves to Nelson, Andy, Charlie, Dave and Emily.
5. America- What Time is Love (Radio Edit) - KLF. It's actually legal to put the KLF on any mixtape/CD and not be required to give any explanation at all. So there.
6. Supervixen - Garbage. I listened to the first album for the first time in years yesterday and forgot how good and poppy it actually was. But I put this in for that stop-start guitar.
7. Seventeen - Ladytron. Something of a triumph of style (what style!) over substance (what substance?) thus far, but I've got a soft spot for this particular tune.
8. What is the Problem? - Grafiti. I hated Mike Skinner long before it was popular to do so but it's the same here as with the Ladytron track, the exception that proves the rule or something.
9. She's Lost Control (Spektrum remix) - Agent Provocateur feat. Siobhan Fahey. "You better hope and pray, that you can make your way-" Sorry. Sleazetastic stuff.
10. Freelove (Shattered Dreams Mix) - Depeche Mode. GYBO always helps when there's nothing in the regular charts that excites me. I don't think I heard the original version of this but this has a wonderful organic sound, it's the sound you should hear as you slip down the tunnel in Being John Malkovitch.
11. Daft Prince - Daft Punk vs. Prince. It may be 2005 but I still want to party like it's 1999. Especially as Shrubya hadn't started his war against anyone yet.
12. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - Universal Poplab. According to science when something meets it's exact opposite the two should annihilate each other in a huge explosion, so never play this joycore positron at the same time as the original version, it would probably create a black hole and that was a really bad Disney film.
13. Daddy Will Rock You - Aphex Twin vs. Forever Young. I mentioned this the other day, I can't stop grinning like a Richard D. James mask.
14. Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles. It is not dying.
15. Take me Out (Crash Berlin mix) - Franz Ferdinand. Mentioned this a few months back. One of the better FF mixes out there.
16. Two Timing Touch and Steppin' Stone - The Hives vs. The Monkees. Somewhere between a mix and a boot, they slip together so well.
17. Only When I Lose my Cowboys - Portishead vs. Depeche Mode. I want a new Portishead album. I really want a new Portishead album. Another GYBO-found boot.
18. Maps - Ada. Found this on one of the MP3 blogs Flux links to. I rarely like covers of songs I really like but this is different, it sounds like a quieter, less frenetic sister of the Chem's Private Psychedelic Reel, a sad song made joyous and redemptive that announces sunrise and the passing of all shadows.

I've got a touch of the prevarications this afternoon. I'm not actually feeling anxious but I can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes (this post is being written with each track, then I skip mayfly-attentionlike to something else). I wish I could settle down.


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