Friday, February 18, 2005

Yesterday's tomorrow's news today. Or something.

Jeb Bush becomes new Iraqi President.

"Kiss my African-American ass, you limey slaphead,"

Tony Blair to apologise for Dresden bombing.

Speaking from the heart of Coventry — which accidently burnt down during a 1940 Luftwaffe operation to drop "Hey, why can't we all just learn to get along?" propaganda leaflets in 1940...

The Royal Identity Card application form.

If it would please Your Majesty, please don't staple any dead Pheasants to this form.

Michael Moore honoured with new Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavour.

"We thought about calling it... Fahrenheit 31.1 but we didn't think everyone would make the connection between the proper temperature for storing ice cream and the film that broke the theatrical documentary box-office record by seamlessly blending comedy with hard-hitting fact."

You know, the rich have a really tough time of things.

And never mind the fact the top 1 percent in this country pay a third of the taxes in this country. Or that the top 5 percent pay more than half.

Aah Fox News, the funniest of the fun News sites...


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