Saturday, February 19, 2005

I choked on my porridge this morning to hear that Kevin Wells, father of Holly Wells who, along with Jessica Chapman, was murdered by Ian Huntley in 2002, has published a book of the diaries he wrote at the time to help him remember 'important details of the worst days of his life'. I'm surprised that no major publisher has picked this up, surely they can't be put off by the book's awful title, Goodbye, Dearest Holly? I'm less surprised that the Hate Mail on Sunday has bought the serialisation rights the clips in the radio advert made it sound like exactly the kind of tawdry emotional pornography they go for. I'm just hoping they'll also produce a report to claim that Ken Livingstone and a truck-load of illegal immigrants helped Huntley dispose of the bodies and that the immigrants heard Livingstone mutter anti-Semitic comments all the time. Melanie Phillips has been showing some Olympic level gymnastic skills to avoid addressing Livingstone's remarks about the fascist and anti-Semitic past of the paper she is happy to work for while simultaneously, erm, condemning him for anti-Semitism.


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