Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Guardian seems to be doing a daily 'Ken-watch' to see if Livingstone has apologised for remarks he made to an Evening Standard journalist. So far he hasn't, though today's story suggests he may be trying to find a way round to apologise to anyone in the greater community offended by his remarks but not the journalist or the Evening Poor Standard.

But on the subject of bad journalism, the Guardian article states:

[Livingstone] once again refused to apologise for likening a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard.

Except he didn't. He didn't liken him to a Nazi concentration camp guard. I'm just wondering whether this is worth emailing the Grauniad over, do they still have a 'Corrections and Qualifications' column?

But also from that Guardian article:

Mr Livingstone said he did not expect Tony Blair to intervene. "When I went back to the Labour party he made the position clear. It is my job to do my job. He is not there to manage me."

Tony Blair has urged London mayor Ken Livingstone to apologise for his Nazi insult to a Jewish reporter... the prime minister told Five's Wright Stuff show: "Let's just apologise and move on."


[T]he Mayor claimed the Daily Mail titles "continue to provide food for racism today".

On TV tonight we have the dubious pleasure of The Apprentice UK. It's a bit like Queer Guy UK, take the concept, replace the people with their less glamorous UK counterparts and slap it on screen. Glamour doesn't really apply to The Apprentice as the US version had Donald Trump, still the UK version does have Alan Sugar. I didn't even realise he was in business any more, I thought he'd retired ages ago in order to work on his Dave Lee Travis impression. Why Men Wear Frocks on Channel 4 might be more interesting, though advertising it with a picture of Grayson Perry and a dolly makes me worry that this is from C4 with their 'sensationalist' hats on.


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