Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm not convinced of synchronicity and coincidence, well, obviously I know the words exist and what they mean, but I've had almost no experiences of them myself, I've never been thinking of someone only for them to phone me, or any of the other numerous examples that seem to litter other people's lives. I've had very few pokes from the universe, if it's true what Robert Anton Wilson says about how any belief system, even one based around the idea that Morph being the most important creature in the universe, will find proof to support it in the universe then maybe by being an atheist I have the reason for why I have had such little experience of coincidences falling in a meaningful way. Certainly, during the period of time I was considering some sort of 'Our Lady of the Flowers' based theology was the time that I experienced a mini-slew of synchronicities and odd realisations.

Anyway, the above makes no sense and can safely be ignored. So, in September 2003 I read Paul Morley's Words and Music, two-thirds pretentious drivel, one-third interesting, but he mentions Alvin Lucier, who I'd never heard of before. The following January my world is rocked by the mighty, mighty Raiding the 20th Century featuring, amongst others, Alvin Lucier and that piece that Morley refers to, I am Sitting in a Room. So it was perhaps only natural that when someone bunged Raiding creator DJ Food a copy of Words and Music he considered the sychronicity involved in both using Lucier's work and he decided it was time to put out The Words and Music Expansion, starring Paul Morley. It was epic before, now it's the greatest bootleg ever made!


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