Friday, November 19, 2004

Kyle: Dude, why is your store called the Indian Burial Ground Pet Store?
Attendant: Well, there was an Indian burial ground here before I bought it
Stan: So you just built your store on top of Indian burial ground?
Attendant: Oh, hell no. First I dug up all the bodies, pissed on 'em, and buried them again upside down.
Kyle: Why?
Attendant: Why? I don't know. I was drunk.

But, through the magic of cut'n'paste...

Loz: Dude, why is this thing called Band Aid 20?
Geldof: Well, it's twenty years after the original Band Aid project.
Loz: So, you just copied the original concept?
Geldof: Oh, hell no. I dug up the original concept, pissed on it, and buried it again upside down.
Loz: Why?
Geldof: Why? I don't know. I was drunk.

To be fair, I haven't actually seen the video yet, but I'm sure I soon will be. This fills me with icky dread though. And the thirty seconds or so you can hear from here suggests that some people were deliberately singing out of time and tune...


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