Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The John Cleese website. And it is run by/for the genuine article, not one of those fansites that have a few old pics and something stolen from the BBC Archive circa 1968, that's so 1994 interweb...

The country that bought you the boyfriend's arm pillow now bring you the girlfriend's lap pillow. Order now for Christmas kids. [via BoingBoing]

Johann Hari seems to have taken it upon himself to point out the lies, distortions, misinformation and other crap that passes for Richard Littlejohn reportage. God knows why. Still, anything to stop him from writting about Derrida. Part One. Part Two. (In the case of this OFCOM ruling on a Littlejohn show, I'm just amused that there was someone out there who was quite happy to watch the show with all of Dickie's right-wing bile but felt it overstepped the bounds of decency to have an expletive uttered on it.)

Diebold are looking after the most important documents in America for the country. If this is anything like their handling of the Presidential election then we can expect an announcement from Bush in a few months time that, lo and behold, the American constitution was already drafted with a clause outlawing gay marriage! The Urban Archipelago. Like all good rants it's at times deliberately myopic, automatically assuming all Republicans in power will fuck things up while all Democrats will be wonderful star-like councillors of wisdom. All seems to rely on some conservative trickle-down effect, if Democrats take over the towns and cities then liberalism will leak out into the countryside where all the votes are. [both via Metafilter]


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