Saturday, November 20, 2004

It's not easy being a Tory. Labour have stolen all your decent ideas, and the crap ones too. Your party is now as popular as it was when Iain Duncan Smith was in charge, before you knifed him in the back. You can't give full-blooded opposition to Labour over fox-hunting because the majority of the people who support it sit in the other chamber anyway so can't vote for you come the next election. You're even sending out begging letters to Labour MPs for cash to fund... err... your fight against Labour MPs. But it's hard to feel much sympathy in the face of fuckwittery like this: Prospective Tory candidate for Surrey Heath, Michael Gove, calls for the reintroduction of Section 28. (And look at this as well, from Tory Trouble.)
[Section 28 link via Honourable Fiend, via Mink Media.]


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