Sunday, November 21, 2004

"It is a hard life, being the only goth in the village." [via B3ta]

Elsewhere in the countryside, Blunkett suggests that although fox-hunting will be against the law, police won't make much effort to stop and detain those who continue to practice it. Quoth Shiteyes: "If people are setting out to enjoy themselves and there's a doubt about whether they meant to kill a fox or not, that's one thing,... If they deliberately say 'look, we're going to break this law', then of course the police have to take action." So, just so long as hunters remember to say that they are killing foxes because they are a pest and that the horses, hounds, horns and costumes are described as 'tools of the trade', then they'll be able to get away with it.

It has now emerged that Tony Blair was still pushing for ways of delaying the ban until after the election, even after MPs had voted against it.

Meanwhile, Shiteyes announces new terror measures, designed to allow the courts to sidestep that costly and time-consuming 'evidence' nonsense and imprison people he doesn't like the look the sound of. reports villagers near to Falluja have helped bury women and children that appear to have been killed by napalm, though no verification of whether the US are indeed using that has been made.


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