Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I think billboards like this are indeed stupid. Not because I dislike Bush, but because I think, like the article says, it's a bit like the propaganda of tyranical regimes. However, the difference is that this billboard was put up by a private company. Whereas, in tyrannical regimes these sorts of things are installed by the tyrant. Our tyrnat, er, I mean president, didn't order his done.

All right, let's assume that every day Saddam Hussein woke up and before he could get down to some serious dictating he had to deal with approving Saddam posters, Saddam mugs, Saddam AK-47s, is there any meaningful difference between a society when the dictator demands people do these things for them or a society where the ruler creates the sort of atmosphere where companies decide such things are a good idea to do?

This is also worrying.


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