Monday, November 22, 2004

Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead. Nothing will happen, Blunkett is more likely to propose polcies to extend people's freedoms first, but it'll be nice to pretend on wednesday that people are held to account for the pain and misery they cause.

British racists learn a trick from their Spanish counterparts. As Dwight Yorke, a second-half substitute for Birmingham, warmed up on the touchline of his former club two or, possibly, three Rovers fans are alleged to have taunted him with monkey chants, racist comments and obscene gestures. While The Sun has been complaining loudly about Spanish fans in the last week I can only presume they'll be tracking these guys down to lead the tarring and feathering.

I spent my last ten dollars on birth control and beer,
My life was so much simpler when I was sober and queer,
But the love of a strong hairy man has turned my head I fear,
And made me spend my last ten bucks on birth control and beer.

Two Nice Girls, 'I Spent my Last $10 on Birth Control and Beer'.


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