Thursday, November 18, 2004

Anyone looking for wi-fi points should hie themselves to the British Library: The British Library has launched wireless internet connectivity in the public areas of its building at St Pancras. The new service offers wireless internet access (WiFi) throughout the 11 reading rooms, the 225-seat conference auditorium, the café and restaurant and even the outdoor Piazza area. It will enable readers, researchers and business-people to connect to the internet and access email using either their existing service provider or by using the Library's own pay-as-you-go service.

Spiffy! I've thought for ages that this is something libraries should be offering, we have the People's Network, which is all paid for from Central Government anyway (IIRC and only for another few years (IIRC again)). Unfortunately, we've joined other boroughs as a soft target for cuts by councillors who don't believe in free services to the public. If Blair really wanted to move on from the Iraq war, putting money into schemes like this might be a good idea.


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