Monday, May 05, 2003

So, it occurs to me that I should say something about X-Men 2 what with seeing it yesterday. Highly fun, with McKellan as Dame Magneto and Stewart as Good King Xavier at one end, and Halle 'No, I don't know why I keep getting acting jobs either' Berry and James Marsters at the other, though both are better in this one than X-1. And Alan Cumming. Sorry, make that ALAN CUMMING! Lots of little things to make the antenna on geeks twitch like crazy, including clear shots of a list of the names of a large number of the X-Men from the comics. And this time some thought has obviously gone in to how your fighting style would change if you had x power, Storm using the weather to fight off jets and Nightcrawler doing some cool teleport-fighting at the start. And it did seem like an X-Men movie than the Wolverine and Rogue show of the first one.

This review here has some good things to say about the 'mutant as metaphor for gay' aspect of the film as well.


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