Friday, May 16, 2003

OK, the NLP thing. Yesterday was day 2, all about trying to identify the things you want to change or improve about yourself, making sure you are positive ('I want to be x' rather than 'I don't want to be y'), specific and realistic in your choices. I was supposed to come up with a big list o' things but in the end settled on three. All the stuff that follows each main point is based on what the chapter has said as an aide to visualising it. If it seems odd, it was all written in bits as I read each part of the chapter.

'1. I want to improve my posture, stand straight with my head held up when I walk. I want to do this all the time. This will help me avoid back problems in later life. It will help project an image of me as someone who is confident. If I am confident I will feel happier at times, but will also feel more able to deal with problems when they occur. My life will be physically better due to this. See no. 3. I will know I have achieved my goal when I am able at any time to check and see that my posture is correct. I must be mindful of myself to achieve this goal and keep correcting my posture if it is bad. I have already started on this and can increase my efforts to check myself.

2. I want to be more imaginative when writing stories, both in brainstorming and then in writing. I want to be able to write quicker and not get distracted in the process. I want to increase my ability to focus on the task at hand. I want to do this primarily in time I designate for writing or quiet time, less so when I'm at work and do not want to be distracted. If I am able to write more and quicker I will be able to practise more and develop my skills, increasing my chances of becomming a successful writer. I will know I am achieving this goal if the speed with which I write increases, and I have more ideas for stories. I can start immediately and give myself time every day, or every day when I'm not working all day, to write. I will feel more creatively fulfilled due to this.

3. I want to increase my self-confidence and positive feelings about myself. I want to do this all the time. However, I want to be realistic, so I avoid being an over-confident idiot. This will help me achieve my goals at work, both in dealing with the public and with other staff. Being successful at work will allow me the opportunity to progress my career whilst waiting for the writing to take off. Advancing my career will increase my income, which will allow me to buy a place of my own, rather than rent. A ground floor flat, two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Good area. Small back garden. Secure. Plants and flowers. Good central heating, cool in summer. All mod cons. Comfortable furniture. I will be able to measure the success of this by going for a management post when one next becomes available and getting it. Increasing my self-confidence will also allow me to make more effort to market my work when it's ready to go to a publisher. if accepted this will also increase my income, as above. Success will allow me to take pleasure in my work and my writing. I can start immediately by combating negativity using the exercises already suggested in this book. I can also look for alternatives in case the suggested method is insufficient or does not work for me. I am aware that at times when I become depressed a good way to avoid it is to start working and distracting myself. I should remain aware of my moods and when it looks like I'm starting to become depressed start doing something to occupy myself. However, if I fail to do this I should not then make matters worse by feeling bad for feeling bad. Sometimes it is a natural part of life.'


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